Not all leads are created equal - your sales team naturally want to focus their time on chatting to high value leads. 

With our two-way Slack app, you can choose to be notified about your most valuable leads, and send those leads to a specific Slack channel so you can focus on them first. You can then reply to them and further qualify them - all from Slack.

Here’s how to route your best leads to a specific Slack channel so you can chat to them immediately:

First, create a team inbox in Intercom

Go to your App settings, and create a team inbox to send your high value leads to:

You should call your team something easy to remember - like ‘VIP Sales.’

Note: If you’ve already set up a team inbox for your high value leads, you can skip this step.

Next, assign Operator’s qualified leads to this inbox

Operator, our bot that automates the simple tasks, can qualify your leads for you. You can ask your leads for any four details, and then route them to specific inboxes based on their answers. First, turn on ‘Simple qualification’ and set up the details Operator asks for:

Then, when Operator qualifies your leads, you can set up Operator’s follow up action. This is how you’ll define what a high quality lead is for your business. For example, your action could be to assign leads whose company size is ‘greater than 500’ to your ‘VIP sales’ inbox.

You can learn more about setting up Operator to qualify your leads here.

Next, create a Slack channel for your leads

Now that you’ve set up Operator, go to Slack, and create a channel for your high value leads:

Note: If you’ve already set up a Slack channel for your sales team, you can skip this step.

Add a new notification in Intercom

Next, you’ll need to create a notification in Intercom. Go to your Slack app settings in Intercom.

Click on ‘Add a new notification’, and choose to assign conversations from your ‘VIP sales inbox, to the ‘VIP-sales’ channel in Slack: 

Now, any new or existing conversations from your qualified leads in this inbox will go straight to this Slack channel. You can reply to the conversation by clicking ‘Reply in channel’:

This conversation will open in a new channel, named after the lead. You can then quickly update their qualification data directly in Slack as you chat, by using the command /qualify.

Now, your team can stay up-to-date with your high value leads’ conversations. And it’s easy to chat to, qualify and convert them into customers - all from Slack.

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