If you’re looking to invite new teammates to Intercom, or assign Inbox seats to them, here’s how:

Go to Settings > Teammates:

Then, invite a new teammate or teammates to Intercom by clicking ‘Add new teammates’.

Note: If you need to change the permissions for a teammate you’ve already added to Intercom, just click ‘Edit’ beside their name in the list.

You can then add a list of email addresses to send the invitation to:

Note: Controlling permissions is only available on certain Intercom plans. See our plans and pricing here.

Next, choose which permissions they'll have:

Add an Inbox seat

If you’d like buy an Inbox seat for a teammate, just set the switch beside your teammate’s Inbox permissions to ‘ON’:

What does an Inbox seat give a teammate?

Teammates with Inbox seats can: 

Note: If you have a seat, you still can’t assign conversations to teammates who don’t have a seat. 

What can teammates without a seat do?

Teammates without a seat can’t access the inbox or any of its core features. However, they can still reply to customers from the conversations list in the Intercom Platform. They can also loop teammates into conversations with notes and mentions.

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