To help you comply with GDPR legislation, we’ve updated our deletion features for users and leads.

Important: Deleting leads or users will remove all of their conversations from Intercom.

Here’s how to archive users/leads:

Before, you could delete a user/lead and remove their profile from your app, but if the user or lead returned so did their profile. 

We’re keeping this feature but renaming it to ‘archive’. Archived users are not permanently deleted and are not considered tracked users.

Before archiving your users you may export them as a backup.

Here’s how to permanently delete users/leads:

If you’d like to permanently remove all data associated with a user/lead so it can’t be retrieved you can do this through the ‘Deleting people data’ tab in your settings. 

Enter the user ID or email of the user you want to delete, then select the user. Once you click ‘Permanently delete’, this will remove all of their associated data. 


  • If you delete a user/lead by mistake, contact us within 7 days and we can retrieve the information. After 7 days this data will be permanently destroyed. 

  • CSAT ratings and comments from a user will not be deleted.

  • Historic conversations from archived or deleted contacts will still be included in your reporting.

  • If you have exported user data, you may also need to delete those files in order to comply with GDPR legislation.

You can also delete a user or lead (contact) through our API. 

Learn more about how we comply with GDPR, how to contact us with data queries and how to export your data.

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