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Does the Messenger work in mobile apps?
Does the Messenger work in mobile apps?
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The Messenger works slightly differently in mobile apps, compared to desktop. This article explains how to update your SDKs to work with the new Messenger, and which features are supported on iOS and Android apps.

Install mobile SDKs

To use the new Messenger, you'll need to install or upgrade to iOS SDK 14.0.1 and Android SDK 14.0.1.

Coming soon…

What’s available with Messenger in mobile apps?

When visitors or users access the Messenger on your iOS or Android app, they'll be able to engage with the Help and Messages Spaces if you have these enabled, as well as apps you add to your Home Space - so they can do more than chat.

They'll also be able to start conversations with you and submit tickets.

Note: Your customers can send images & GIFs, but uploading other files is not currently supported on mobile.

What does the Intercom Conversations app support?

The Intercom Conversations app, which you can download on Apple’s App Store and Google Play, allows you to reply to your customers from Intercom on your smartphone. It currently doesn’t support sharing apps in conversations.

This table lists all the features available in the inbox on web and indicates if the same thing can be done on the mobile apps. In some situations the feature operates slightly differently, which will be described in the notes column.




Create new conversation

Reply to existing conversation

Add internal note to conversation

Reassign conversation

Send article

Can send article but no article suggestions

Send gif

Send macros

Edit macros

Send (upload) an image

Schedule a meeting

Attach a file

Snooze a conversation

Snooze is same with web except no options of Snooze until Monday or for a month

Order by waiting longest

Mention another admin

View your mentions

No read/unread filter and sorting on mentions

View teammate + team inboxes

Create or edit assignment rules

View Inbox Reports

Send to Zendesk

Send to Github

Delete conversation part

Change notification preferences

Only supports mobile notification settings

Change permissions

Tag a conversation

You can create (if you have the right permissions) a tag from the mobile app, but not edit or delete tags.

Tag a user

View user profiles

View user conversation history

We only show conversations but not messages

Search conversations

Toggle away mode + reassignment

Can toggle their own settings but not for other teammates

Change assignment preferences when replying to conversations

View admin profiles

Edit admin profiles

Edit teams

Download videos sent by an end-user


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