The Intercom Messenger works slightly differently in mobile apps, compared to desktop. This article explains how to update your SDKs, and what features are supported on iOS and Android apps.

Install a mobile SDKs

To use the Intercom Messenger and to share Messenger apps with your customers, you’ll need to install the latest version of the SDKs. 

Choose the right SDK for your app here:

What’s available with the Messenger in mobile apps

When visitors or users access the Messenger on your iOS or Android apps, they'll be able to engage with your Messenger home apps - so they can do more than chat. 

They'll also be able to start conversations with you, and engage with any Messenger apps you share in conversations

Note: Your customers can send images & GIFs, but uploading other files is not currently supported on mobile.

What does the Intercom Conversations app support?

The Intercom Conversations app, which you can download on Apple’s App Store and Google Play, allows you to reply to your customers from Intercom on your smartphone. It currently doesn’t support sharing apps in conversations.

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