As well as showing apps in your Messenger home, you can help your customers faster by sharing apps as you chat.

There are two ways to share an app in a conversation:

  1.  Just click on the app icon in the team Inbox, and choose from the Messenger apps you’ve installed: 

Note: You can install apps by visiting the app store. Not all apps can be shared in conversations. You can learn more here

2. Customize your inbox with apps like Mailchimp, Statuspage, and Stripe in the conversation details, and send them directly from there:

Note: It's not possible to share apps in conversations via the REST API.

Once you share an app, your leads and users can engage with it directly in the Messenger:

You can also easily share your team's most used apps, directly from the message composer:

Note: It's not possible to configure which apps are pinned to the message composer.

Nurture your leads 

Here are our best practices for using apps while chatting to your leads:

Schedule meetings with leads as you chat

Scheduling meetings will help you convert your best leads into customers faster. If you use Google Calendar, you can easily share your available slots with your leads as you chat to them, so you can book meetings quickly:

You can learn more about setting up the Google Calendar Meetings app here.

Join video calls with quality leads

Building personal relationships is key to converting and retaining customers. When you’ve decided a lead is good fit for your product, you can easily invite them join a Google Meet video call during a conversation:

Once they click on ‘Join call’ you can easily keep chatting over video. 

Subscribe visitors to your newsletter

If you use Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor, you can invite your website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter straight from Messenger home.

This give you a new way to capture your visitors’ details, grow your mailing list and nurture more leads into customers.

Give your users faster support

Your current customers usually start conversations when they have questions or issues they need to solve. Here are a few ways to resolve their issues faster:

Share your product’s real-time status

If your customer asks about a product issue, share your product’s real-time status to help them track issues and resolutions as they happen. If you use Atlassian Statuspage, you can quickly share your product’s status as an app in a conversation:

Update your customers’ Stripe subscriptions 

You can quickly convert trial users into paying customers, and upgrade current customers to new plans with the Stripe app

Your customers can confirm the new plan, and add their payment details, without needing to leave the conversation. You can see how it works in more detail here.

What’s next?

As we continue to build more Messenger apps, you’ll be able to do to engage your visitors and users in the Messenger and in conversations. Check out the app store to see the full range of apps. Here are more resources to help you get started with the Messenger:

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