With a personalized home screen, and powerful apps, the Intercom Messenger is designed to help you and your customers get things done, fast. 

The Messenger home screen makes it easy for customers to get what they need, without starting a conversation. And you can share apps in conversations to have more productive sales and support conversations too.

You can even build your own apps (for just your team or the whole world to use). 

Integrate your Help Center with your Messenger

If you use Intercom Articles, your customers can search or browse your Help Center directly from the Messenger without losing context:

Learn how to configure this here.

Add powerful apps to your Messenger Home 

The Messenger is most powerful when you customize your home screen with apps, making it easy for customers to get what they need, without starting a conversation. 

First, visit the Intercom app store to see the selection of apps available. You can choose and install apps from here 🎉 

Next, head to Messenger settings and click ‘Add an app’ 

Note: You can choose to display different apps for visitors and logged in users, to tailor your Messenger Home to the most useful actions for each:

Now, choose which apps you’d like to add to your Messenger Home. Here are just some of our growing library of apps: 

Notify customers about issues with Statuspage

With the Statuspage app, you can surface critical outage information to your users in your Messenger Home. This helps you reduce your conversation volume when you’re having technical issues. 

Your customers can also subscribe to updates to get alerted of any changes.

Let customers check their Shopify order status 

You could already provide live chat to your visitors and sync customer data with the Shopify app (previously called the Shopify integration). 

Now, you can also save time and reduce the volume of questions your support team gets, by letting users proactively check their latest order status in the Messenger. 

Important: If you’ve already installed the Shopify app, you’ll automatically be able to add order status to your Messenger Home. There’s no need to re-install it. 

Capture new email subscribers with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor

We’ve built two apps that help you capture new email subscribers in the Messenger and sync with your mailing lists - MailChimp Subscribe and Campaign Monitor Subscribe

You can capture more newsletter subscribers or offer content in exchange for an email address. When a visitor submits their email, you can give them value in return by offering a reward like an ebook or discount code. 

Note: You can also use these apps in conversations with your customers.

Showcase relevant content

With the Content Showcase app, you can highlight important pieces of content to engage your users or visitors when they open the Messenger. 

For example, you can link out to your most recent blog post, product announcement or gated content, like your latest ebook. 

Let leads request a demo

It’s easy to capture and qualify leads with the Get a Demo app. Your prospects can request to book a demo with you in the Messenger, without starting a conversation. 

And you can require them to answer qualification questions, so your sales team can follow up with quality prospects. 

Share apps with customers to have more productive conversations 

You can also use some apps in the inbox to make your sales and support conversations more efficient. 

When you’re in a conversation, just select the app icon and choose an app to use. 

Here are just some of the apps you can use in conversations: 

Upgrade or convert customers 

With the Stripe Subscriptions app, it’s quicker than ever to convert more trial users into paying users and upgrade paying users on to new plans.  

Just select the right plan for your customer and (if you like) add a discount to entice them to convert. Then, your users can complete their purchase right there in the Messenger. 

Join video calls with your leads

With the Google Meet app, you can skip the back-and-forth with your prospects. Instead, invite them to join a Google Meet call with you to connect on a question or issue. 

Note: You’ll need to connect your Google account.

Book meetings with your leads 

Now instead of taking hours of back-and-forth emails to book an important call, you can close deals faster than ever. 

With the Google Calendar Meetings app, you can share your availability with promising prospects, so they can see when you’re free to book a meeting. 

You can also use Operator to automatically invite qualified leads to book meetings with your team. 

Note: This app currently only works with Google Calendar and Operator in only available on certain Intercom plans. See our plans and pricing here

Customize and personalize your Messenger 

It’s easier than ever to make your Messenger feel at home on your site or app. You’ll have a bunch of new customization options which you can find in your Messenger settings. Go ahead and:

Provide a personalized greeting 

Now you can greet your users personally when they open the Messenger (in up to 38 languages). 

We’ve added a ‘first name’ variable, so you can automatically greet each logged-in user by their first name, like ‘Hi Stacey.’ 

By default, your logged-out visitors will be greeted with ‘Hi there.’

You can edit your greeting to make it even more personal - for example, you can add variables, like a company’s name. 

Style your Messenger 

You can:

  • Add your company logo. 

  • Choose a background color for your Messenger (this will change the color of your team profile background).

  • Choose an accent color (this will change the color of your Messenger launcher, buttons, links and other emphasised components).

  • Choose a fun background texture to add a dash of personality to your Messenger Home. 

It’s easy to preview any changes you make to you Messenger on the right-hand side before you set them live. Learn more about customizing your Messenger here.

Build your own apps  

You can also build your own apps – whether that’s quick workflow hacks just for your own team, or apps for other Intercom customers to use too. 

For example, ChargeDesk built a Messenger app for their own team, so their customer support team could easily share invoices with their customers. 

What’s next? 

Go ahead and add valuable apps to your Messenger Home 🙌 

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