To help you comply with the GDPR legislation, we’ve updated our deletion process for teammates.

Here’s how to remove teammates

Before, you could delete a teammate and reassign messages and conversations, but the teammate data could be restored if needed and there are references to the original teammate in old conversations. 

We’re keeping this feature but calling it ‘Remove’. Removed teammates are not permanently deleted, but will not be visible in your app.
Go to Settings > Teammates and click "Edit" on the teammate you'd like to remove, then click "Remove teammate":

Here’s how to permanently delete teammates

If you’d like to permanently delete all data associated with a teammate you can send us a message and we’ll delete the data. 

As teammate conversations and messages are important to your business we won't automatically delete these records. Your customer will still be able to see their conversation history but will not see any reference to the original teammate.   

If you need to permanently delete messages related to a teammate you can do this in the conversation.

Learn more about how how to contact us with data queries and how to delete a user or lead.

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