You can set Operator's Qualify Leads Task Bot to ask new leads a customizable, multiple choice question to understand who they are or what they’re interested in, then qualify them uniquely based on their answer.

And you can further automate your lead qualification with custom responses from Operator to disqualify low value leads, or send relevant content to help your leads self serve. 

Note: This feature is only available on certain Intercom plans. See our plans and pricing here

Here’s how it works: 

Step 1: Set how you want to identify different types of leads

First, go to the ‘Advanced qualification’ section of your Operator settings. 

By default, Operator will ask your leads this question, “What term best describes who you are or what you're looking for?” 

If you like, you can edit the question to suit your business needs. For example, if you sell different plans for your product you might want Operator to ask, ‘What plan are you interested in?’ 

Now, you can add up to 3 answers for your leads to choose from. Their answers will be recorded as a “Lead Category” in Intercom.

For example, if your question is ‘What plan are you interested in?’, you can let your leads choose between ‘Pro’, ‘Basic’ or ‘Free.’  

Examples of ways to identify your leads: 

When it comes to the question you want to ask leads, you’re only limited by your imagination 😄  Here are some more examples: 

Job title 

For example, you could ask your leads ‘What team do you work on?’ Then, you can let your leads answer with ‘Support’, ‘Marketing’ or ‘Sales.’ 

Company type 

For example, you could ask your leads, ‘What type of company do you work for?’ Then, you can let your leads answer with ‘Agency’ or ‘Brand’ 

Technical level

For example, you could ask your leads, ‘What level of technical knowledge do you have?’ Then, you can let your leads answer with ‘Basic’, ‘Intermediate’ or ‘Advanced’ 

Step 2: Define your qualification data 

Now, you can set up a separate qualification flow for each answer. Just define the qualification data you’d like Operator to ask your leads for. You can collect up to 4 pieces of data for each answer. Alternatively, you could skip qualification and create a follow-up action (see below).

For example, you might want to gather as many details as possible for your Pro plan leads. So, you could ask them for their name, email, the industry they work in and the number of employees in their company. 

But if someone indicates that they’re interested in your free plan you might just want their email address. 

If you’re stuck, here are some tips for defining the right qualification data for your business. 

Step 3: Follow up with leads 

Follow up with qualified leads

You can also set follow up rules (like replying to a lead, sending a Messenger app or replying and closing the conversation) for each lead Operator qualifies. 

Just go to the ‘follow up’ rules section at the bottom of your chosen answer. Then, add the data you’d like to trigger the follow up rule for. For example, you might want to follow up with leads interested in your Pro plan who work in the automotive industry. 

Then, add the action you want Operator to take after qualifying these leads. For example, if a lead has indicated that they’re in the automotive industry, you can get Operator to send a customer story from an automotive company. 

Next, just click ‘Send Messenger app’, then select the Content Showcase app. From here, you can add the link for your customer story and a compelling title, etc.  

Disqualify low value leads 

Operator can also close conversations after sending a message if you want to prevent your team from spending time with low value leads.

For example, if a lead is interested in your free plan you can set Operator to send them an automated reply and close the conversation.

Just select ‘Reply and close conversation.’ Then write a short friendly and helpful response. For example, you can direct leads to where they can sign up for a free trial. 

Automate next steps for leads with Messenger apps 

You can also use Messenger apps in Operator’s follow-ups based on a lead’s category or qualification data. You can send the Content Showcase, Article Search, or Google Calendar app. 

For example, if it’s clear based on qualification data that a lead would be valuable to chat further with (e.g. if their company size is over 500) you can also send the Google Calendar app to immediately secure a meeting with them for a date and time in the near future.

Here’s how it works 

Once a new lead starts a conversation on your website, Operator will ask them the question you defined. 

Then, they can choose which answer applies to them. 

Once they select an answer, they’ll get asked for the qualification details you’ve defined for that specific answer.

Then, Operator will follow up with any follow up actions you’ve defined. For example, if a lead indicates that they work for a company with over 500 employees and you’ve chosen to follow up with these high value leads by scheduling a meeting, they’ll see something like this: 

Or, if you’ve chosen for Operator to reply and close the conversation, your leads will see your message and the conversation will automatically close. 

When a lead leaves their details, Operator adds it to their profile in Intercom.

What’s next? 

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