How do customers contact us?

The different ways customers can contact you in Intercom.

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There are a few ways users can contact you inside Intercom - inside your app, from your website, by email, via SMS, or from social media. Here’s how each of these options work. 

From inside your app

When you install Intercom on your product, your users will see the Messenger launcher in the bottom right-hand corner of their screen. When they select it, the message window will open up and they can send you a message there and then. The message will be delivered to your unassigned inbox. 


  • You can also choose to assign it to a specific teammate or team by a setting up assignment rules.

  • If you want your customers to be able to contact you from inside your mobile app, install our mobile SDKs.

The in-app Messenger is enabled by default when you install Intercom. However, if you wish, you can disable it in your Messenger settings. 

You can also completely customize your Messenger to look any way you like in your product or on your site. Lots of our customers do this so that it feels fully integrated with their own design. 

From your website or logged out screens

You can have real-time conversations on your marketing site and other pages where users may not be logged in. Your users can provide their email address so they don't need to wait around for a reply.

When using the Help Desk, we clearly mark logged-out people as Leads so that you can distinguish them from logged-in users.

If you respond to a lead while they’re still on your site, they’ll receive your response in the Intercom Messenger. If not, we automatically send your reply by email if you have email follow ups enabled.

When a lead logs in to your app, we merge the lead with the correct user, including conversations they had while logged out.

By Email

You can easily forward emails directly to your Intercom Help Desk. This lets you handle all support requests or sales inquiries directly from your Intercom Help Desk or mobile iOS app. Turning on your teammate notifications also allows you to reply to your users from your Email client. If you reply to a notification via your regular email inbox, that will also show up as part of the conversation in Intercom.

Tip: It's also possible to forward email directly to an individual teammate's inbox.


Allow customers to reach your support team via SMS. Either reach out proactively before issues arise to your customers with order delay notifications or provide an inbound support line that your customers can text directly for answers.

From social media

Respond to customers wherever they are with our App Store integrations. These allow you to respond to direct messages on social, straight from your team inbox

Responding to customers

When your customers send a message to you, and you send a reply, we use all channels to ensure that your response is sent. That means that we send your response via a web or in-app message and by email. And if you're using the mobile SDK and have notifications turned on, we'll send a mobile push notification to your customer as well.

Note: Email or push notifications are only sent if the customer doesn't see your response in the Messenger first. Responses to email conversations are sent directly as emails.


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