Important: Intercom's saved replies are now called macros and can do more than ever. With the launch of macros, you can now include inbox actions along with your saved content for a more efficient workspace.

  • Group common actions together — Like tagging, assigning, snoozing, or closing and apply them with one click in conversations or internal notes.

  • Apply macros in bulk — Send a reply, and perform the same actions on multiple conversations at once.

  • Use macros in internal notes — Speed up internal workflows for a simple, consistent support experience.

Learn more about macros here:

Or visit the macros settings in your workspace and get started now.

Important: The following content is now out of date, but the same things can be achieved with macros 👇

Note: To use and manage saved replies you’ll need:

  1. Intercom Inbox.

  2. Permission to manage saved replies.

Check under 'Permissions' in Settings > General > Teammates and ensure 'Can manage saved replies,' is enabled. This will allow you to add, edit and manage saved replies on your workspace.

Sending saved replies

To send a saved reply, just select the saved reply icon from below the composer. From here you can search your saved replies and see a preview before inserting:

Pro tip: You can also insert a saved reply quickly by typing # and the name of the saved reply, then press Enter to insert the highlighted reply:

Best practice: Before you send a saved reply, it's a good idea to customize it to suit the specific conversation.

Creating saved replies

To create a new saved reply, use the 'Create' button in the saved replies menu.

Or to create a new saved reply directly from the inbox, just click the 3 dots beside any of your responses, and select 'Save this reply'. 

Managing saved replies

To manage your saved replies go to Settings > ‘Your Workspace’ data > Saved replies:

Or click ‘Manage’ in the saved reply window in Inbox:

Naming your reply

First, give your saved reply a memorable title that will be easy for your team to search for:

Pro tip: Include an acronym or abbreviation in the title for faster searching in the Inbox. 😉

Write the content of your saved reply.

You should use custom variables to personalize the message automatically. You can also add Help Center articles, emoji, GIFs, images, and attachments to the message body:

Note: You'll need a subscription to the Articles add-on to include articles in your saved replies.

Then click ‘Save’ and your new reply will be available in the Inbox. 

Editing or deleting saved replies

To edit or delete a saved reply, select it from the list on the left and click the ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ buttons above the content:

Tip: You can also click on the saved reply content directly to begin editing it.

Sending saved replies to social media users

If you use our Facebook or Twitter app, you can send saved replies in conversations started from social media, with a few limitations:

  • Images will be removed.

  • Links will be presented in parentheses.

  • Bullet points will turn into dashes or numbers.

  • Styling such as headers, bold or italics will be removed.

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