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What's this template for? This 👇 is a step-by-step guide for creating a custom bot, that allows you to capture enterprise leads on your site. Enjoy 😄 

If you work on enterprise sales leads, you should set up a custom bot to capture more high-value leads on your site. A custom bot can target and qualify your website leads, so you can focus more on closing deals.


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Here’s a template to help you get started: 

Step 1: Target your high-value visitors

First, you should target your most engaged website visitors. We recommend using the following filters to begin with: 

  • Time on page is greater than 5 seconds - target visitors who are engaging with a page.

  • Total visits is greater than 3 - target visitors who have explored your site.

  • Choose specific current URLs that signal buying interest, like your product pages.

If you run advertising campaigns targeting enterprise visitors, you can retarget these visitors with your custom bot.  Just add those campaign’s UTM parameters:

Or, if you use Clearbit Reveal, you can target your enterprise visitors based on their sector, revenue, company size, Alexa rank and more:

Once you’ve set your audience filters, start designing your bot:

Step 2: Engage your visitors with a custom bot

Now it's time to design your custom bot to capture, qualify and assign high-value leads.

Path A - Greet your enterprise visitors with a welcome message

As you're targeting high-value leads, you should offer them a direct line to your team from the get-go. Invite them to schedule a call in your welcome message, and set up your first reply buttons: 

Then, create new paths for each reply:

Step 3: Qualify leads based on what they're interested in doing

Now, you can create the paths to qualify and follow up with leads who want to schedule call, and leads who choose 'No, I'm OK for now'.

Path B - Yes, I’d like to schedule a call

Your hottest leads will want to schedule a call, so give them a quick route to your team. First, capture the details your sales team need to convert them.

To have a successful phone call, your sales team will need to know your lead’s name:

Next, ask for their phone number:

The final piece of data you should ask for is their company name, so your team can profile them before arranging a call:

Next, use bot messages to invite your leads to reply to the conversation with their preferred call time:

Then, set up an ‘always’ follow up rule to assign your leads to your VIP sales team. You can also tag them to categorize as high-value leads:

Path C - No, I’m OK for now

You should offer further help to leads who don’t want to schedule a call:

Then, add new paths for the replies you’ve created:

Path D - Further help

If visitors who would like further help, but not a call, the first thing you should capture is their email address. This will let you follow up with them if they leave the Messenger:

As these visitors are still part of the high-value audience you targeted, you should give them a fast route to your sales team. You could invite them to book a meeting with a member of your team: 

Then, you can follow up by assigning them to your sales team, and inviting them to book a meeting using the Google Calendar Meetings app:

Path E - No to further help

You should end the interaction quickly for visitors who don’t need any help. You can invite them to leave a message if they have a message. And, if you’d like to add value to their final interaction, you could share a piece of content:

Then, as your follow up rules, you could share your content using the Content Showcase app, and close the conversation:

Step 4: Set your trigger times

Once you’ve finished designing your bot, you can choose when you want your bot to trigger. 

Note: Trigger times are only available on certain Intercom plans. See plans and pricing here.

Just turn it on and choose a time:

Pro tip: We recommend setting your trigger times to ‘during office hours’, so your team can reply to enterprise leads quickly.

Step 5: Set your custom bot live

Now set your bot live, and start converting more leads for your sales team.

What’s next?

Once you’ve finished your sales qualification bot, you should check out these templates:


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