With the Zoom Webinars app, you easily can let customers register for a specific webinar, or choose from your upcoming webinars.

Once they choose a webinar, they can quickly register - right in the Messenger.

Here's how to set it up:

First, install the Zoom Webinars app

Go to the app store, and click the Zoom Webinars app:

Then, click 'Install now':

Next, connect your Zoom account:

Once connected, you'll be able to show the app on your Messenger home, and share it conversations.


  • You must have Zoom's Pro plan or higher, with the webinar add-on to use the Zoom Webinars app.

  • You can only connect one Intercom workspace to a given Zoom account.

Show webinars to visitors/users on your Messenger home

You can drive more registrants for your webinars, by showing them to visitors/users register on your Messenger home.

In your Messenger home settings, choose whether you want to show the app to visitors or users. Then, click 'Add an app':

Next, choose the Zoom Webinars app:

You can then choose to show a specific webinar, or a list of your upcoming webinars:

Lastly, click 'Save and set live'. Now, your visitors/users will able to register for your webinar right in your Messenger home.

Share upcoming webinars in conversations 

You can also share webinars while chatting to your customer.

Just click the app inserter icon, and choose the Zoom Webinars app:

Choose a specific webinar or show a list of three. Then, just press 'Send' to easily share it in a conversation:

Now, your customers can register for the webinar while they chat, right in the Messenger.

What's next?

Once you've got the Zoom Webinars app set up, you should check out our app store for more powerful apps that increase your team's productivity.

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