With Smart Campaigns, you can add entry criteria rules to define which users should enter your campaign. For example, if you’re creating an onboarding campaign your rules might be ‘Plan is free’ and ‘Signed up less than 30 days ago.’ 

Once you set your campaign live, any users who match the rules you’ve set will be entered into the campaign. Here’s how it works. 

Important: Users will also need to match rules on individual messages you’ve created in the campaign to receive those messages.

How often does Intercom enter users from the campaign?

We enter users who match the rules you’ve set: 

  • Once every 2 hours. 
  • Or when the user’s information is updated (for example, when they login). 

Does Intercom re-check entrance criteria before sending a campaign message?

No, we’ll only check entrance criteria when a user enters the campaign. After a user has entered, we won’t check them against the entry criteria again.

Important: If you add a company data variable to the body of your message (for example, company name) we’ll check the entry criteria for the campaign before we send any messages. 

How do I know if a user is in a campaign?

When you define your audience, you’ll see which users are in your campaign in the ‘In campaign now’ section.

You can also check a user’s profile to see if they’re a member of any campaign. Any campaigns they’re in will display on the left hand side of their profile. 

Important: We don’t remove people from the campaign if they stop matching the entry criteria. 

What’s next? 

Now that you know how we enter users into a campaign, it’s time to find out how we exit them. 

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