If you need to share a conversation, or keep a record of it, you can easily download its transcript.

Just go to a conversation and click the options icon, then click ‘Export conversation as text’:

The conversation transcript will now download as a .txt file.

Your users and leads can also download a conversation transcript while they chat to you in the Messenger:

Note: Conversation transcripts are only available on desktop in the Messenger.

What’s included in the transcript?

Your conversation transcript includes:

  • All replies in the conversation

  • The timestamps of every reply

  • The date and time the conversation was created (in your workspace’s timezone)

  • Operator’s replies

  • The customer and teammate’s names

  • The date and time the conversation was downloaded

What’s not included?

The file does not include:

  • The different states of the conversations (snoozed, unsnoozed, closed)

  • Seen/unseen notes

  • Internal notes

  • How and when the conversation was assigned

  • CC/BCC

  • Images

  • Attachments

  • GIFs

  • Articles

  • Apps

Images, attachment, GIFs, articles and apps will be labelled as text in the file, like [GIF] and [Article - article name], for example.

Note: You can't export multiple conversation transcripts from your workspace but you can use our API to do so using our Conversations API.

What’s next?

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