The sales report gives you a detailed insight into how Intercom helps generate revenue for your business.

Note: Sales reports are only available on certain Intercom plans. See our plans and pricing here.

Using the sales report, you can:

  • Track how much revenue Intercom helps your sales team close.
  • See which Custom Bots and messages to visitors are generating the most business.
  • Measure the impact Task Bots have on your sales process.

To access the report, go to Reports, then 'Inbox reports', and select the 'Sales' tab:

Measure a specific period by changing the date range: 

Measure your revenue influenced by Intercom

If you use our Salesforce app, you can track how much sales revenue was influenced by Intercom. You can see the how many opportunities, pipeline and closed deals Intercom impacted:

Here’s how this report works:

  • ‘Influenced by Intercom’ means the lead had a conversation in Intercom less than 30 days before an opportunity was created and closed in Salesforce. 
  • ‘Pipeline’ refers to the dollar value of those opportunities. 
  • ‘Closed won’ shows the number of opportunities who have been assigned the ‘Closed won’ state in Salesforce.

Track how many leads you’re generating 

You can get a quick overview of how many leads Intercom is generating for your business: 

This will help you understand how much Intercom is contributing to your overall lead generation.

Compare your outbound message performance 

If you use Custom Bots or Ongoing messages, you can easily track and compare their impact on sales.

You can see how many conversations they created, how fast your team replies, as well as how many opportunities, pipeline and closed deals they influenced. 

It’s easy to check which pages on your site are generating the most lead conversions:

Measure the impact of Operator’s task bots

Operator’s task bots help you automate the simple tasks, so your team can focus on work only humans can do. It’s easy to track their impact on your sales performance. 

You can see how many leads the qualification task bot qualified and disqualified: 

The qualification task bot can also automatically book meetings for your team. You can quickly check how many meetings it has booked. You can also see how many conversations the conversation routing task bot automatically assigned to support - saving your sales team valuable time.

Lastly, you can see how many leads your qualification task bot has created in Salesforce as a follow up action:

Pro tip: You can use this figure to see what percentage of your total leads that your sales team are working to convert into opportunities.

What’s next?

Here are more reports to help you measure your organisation’s performance:

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