Intercom is ideal for lifecycle marketing, i.e.,sending out auto messages to your users at key points during their lifetime with your product. It's things like messaging your users on day 1, day 3, or day 7 after sign up. Or, it can be session based too, e.g., the 10th time they sign in. It could also be behaviour based, using events, e.g., it could be the first time they downgrade their plan or the 100th time they export a PDF.

We’ve created lots of example messages for you 

We’ve created a selection of articles that will help you craft the most important lifecycle messages to help onboard, engage and convert your users into loyal, long-term customers.

You’ll learn: 

  • What kind of filters you should use to target your ideal audience.
  • What you should say and how you should say it. 
  • Whether you should send an email or in-app message. 

Messages to onboard new users 

  1. Welcome your new users.  
  2. Follow up with your users.  
  3. Write your activation email.
  4. Convert trial users into paying customers. 

Messages to send to engage users long-term

  1. Retain customers that are slipping away. 
  2. A guide to announcing your new features. 
  3. Celebrate your customers’ progress.
  4. Anticipate your customers’ questions. 

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