Answer Bot instantly answers your customers’ common questions, so your team can focus on conversations only humans can resolve.

You can train Answer Bot to answer any common question a customer asks at the start of a new conversation. Answer Bot closes the conversation when successful - so it never reaches your team.

By instantly answering common queries, Answer Bot will resolve 29% of your customers’ common questions (on average), create a better customer experience, and save your team hours each week. You’ll see Answer Bot’s immediate impact in your reports: 

Here’s how to get started:

Note: Answer Bot is currently available in English only. You can start creating answers before you start a trial. To set an answer live, you’ll need to start your trial.

Create answers to your common questions

Answer Bot makes it easy to identify your customers’ common questions, by surfacing them for you. Just click on any common question to create an answer:

Train Answer Bot to recognize questions

Your customers will ask the same question in different ways. When creating an answer, you should train Answer Bot to recognize several variations of the question, so it answers more customers:

You can also train Answer Bot to recognize questions your customers haven’t yet asked, by manually adding example questions: 

Pro tip: If you’re releasing a new feature and predict that customers will have questions, you should manually add example questions to train Answer Bot.

Create an engaging answer

To create an engaging answer, you can use text, emojis, images, GIFs, attributes and chat bubbles:

You can also give customers powerful follow-up actions with apps, such as sharing an article or allowing them to request a demo

Set your answer live

Once you set an answer live, Answer Bot will start answering common questions:

Note: Answer Bot triggers when a customer asks a matching question at the start of a new conversation.

If a customer clicks ‘That helped’, or if they don’t reply within three minutes, Answer Bot will close the conversation. If they’d like to see another answer, they can click ‘Show me more’:

Note: Answer Bot will only show the ‘Show me more’ option if you’ve created multiple answers that relate to the customer’s question.

If they’d like to chat to your team, they can choose ‘Wait for the team’ or reply to the conversation: 

Answer Bot will then leave the conversation open, so your team can follow up.

Note: Answer Bot routes conversations using your assignment rules - ensuring a great customer experience.


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Measure Answer Bot’s performance 

It’s easy to track Answer Bot's performance. You can gain insights into overall impact in your Answer Bot reports.

Your reports measure the impact Answer Bot has on your overall support function, including:

  • How much time Answer Bot saves your customers and teammates.
  • What percentage of your total conversations Answer Bot covers.
  • How many questions it instantly resolves.

You can also get a snapshot of how a single answer is performing, by clicking on that answer:

You can read more about measuring Answer Bot’s impact here.

Train Answer Bot to provide more resolutions 

It’s important to train Answer Bot to cover a wide range of questions, so it can provide more customers with instant resolutions. By continuously training Answer Bot, you’ll increase its resolution and coverage rates, and save your teammates and customers more time.

There are three key ways to train Answer Bot to provide more resolutions: 

  • For each answer, train Answer Bot to recognize several variations of the same question.
  • Broaden Answer Bot’s coverage by creating answers for a wide range of topics.
  • Deepen Answer Bot’s coverage by creating multiple answers for each topic.

Read more about training Answer Bot here.

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