It’s easy to track Answer Bot’s impact on your business. In the Answer Bot report, you can measure:

  • How many conversations Answer Bot answers for your team.
  • What percentage of conversations it successfully resolves.
  • The time it saves your customers, teammates, and more.

To access this report, go to Reports, then 'Operator reports', and select 'Answer bot': 

You can choose any date range you’d like to measure:

Here’s what your report shows you: 

1. See Answer Bot’s overall impact

You can get a quick overview of Answer Bot’s performance - how many conversations it resolved, and the time it saved your customers and teammates. 

These metrics will help you quickly gauge Answer Bot’s impact on your support.

What do these metrics mean?

Conversations resolved immediately

‘Conversations resolved immediately’ tells you how many conversations Answer Bot closed after providing your customer with an answer. 

It calculates the number of conversations where Answer Bot provided a successful answer. This includes conversations where:

  • The user clicked “That Helped”.
  • The user didn’t reply after Answer Bot answered their question.

Answer Bot automatically closes these conversations. 

Customer hours saved

‘Customer hours saved’ shows you how much time Answer Bot’s instant resolutions saved customers, as they didn’t have to wait for your team to reply. Here’s how it’s calculated:

  • The number of conversations Answer Bot resolved, multiplied by your team’s median resolution time for inbound conversations. 

Note: ‘Customer hours saved’ is not impacted by your selected date range. It’s always calculated from the last 7 days.

Teammate hours saved

‘Teammate hours saved’ measures how much time Answer Bot saved your team, by resolving common questions for them. Here’s how it’s calculated:

  • The number of conversations resolved by Answer Bot, multiplied by the average ‘one-touch handling time’ for all Intercom customers.

Once-touch handling time refers to the time it takes teammates to resolve conversations that only required one reply. These are are the types of conversations Answer Bot covers for your teammates.  

Note: We use the average “one-touch handling time” across all Intercom customers in the calculation, which is 12 minutes. If this time is lower than your median resolution time, then median resolution time is used in the calculation instead.

2. Track Answer Bot’s coverage

You can see how many conversations Answer Bot covers for your team over time:

You can track:

  • The total number of conversations in which Answer Bot provided at least one answer in the selected period.
  • What percentage of conversations Answer Bot covers (coverage rate). You should aim to increase your coverage rate by creating more answers.


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3. Improve Answer Bot’s resolution rate

Crucially, you can track how many instant resolutions Answer Bot provides your customers.

Answer Bot’s resolution rate bar shows you three key metrics:

  • Conversations resolved by customers clicking ‘That helped’: The dark green bar shows the percentage of conversations where the user clicked “That Helped”. Answer Bot instantly closes these conversations.
  • Conversations resolved without a customer reply: The light green bar shows the conversations where Answer provided answer, but the customer didn’t reply. This usually means their question was successfully answered. Answer Bot closes these conversations for your team, if a customer or teammate doesn’t reply within three minutes.
  • Routed to teammate: The grey bar shows the conversations where the customer clicked “Wait for team” or replied with text. Answer Bot leaves these conversations open, so a teammate can reply.

 Note: Answer Bot routes conversations in accordance with your assignment rules.

You can also see the average resolution rate across all Intercom customers, so you can compare your Answer Bot’s performance with other Intercom customers.

Finally, you can check the percentage of total conversations Answer Bot resolves, so you can track an increase in this figure as you create more answers.

How is Answer Bot’s resolution rate calculated? 

Answer Bot’s resolution rate is calculated as the number of conversations that were resolved immediately by Answer Bot, divided by the total number of conversations in which Answer Bot provided at least one answer.

Your total resolution rate adds the ‘Resolved, customer closed’ rate with the ‘Resolved, customer left’ rate, as these are conversations where Answer Bot has most likely provided a helpful answer.

What’s next?

Here are more resources to help you set up Answer Bot for success:

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