Assignment rules

When Resolution Bot provides an answer to a customer's question, it will immediately route conversations based on your assignment rules. This means the conversation will be visible in a team or teammate’s inbox. If you’d like to keep bot conversations out of the way, you should enable the dedicated bot inbox. Learn how to enable the bot inbox.

With the bot inbox enabled, assignment rules will only be applied after the customer has finished interacting with Resolution Bot. This happens: 

  • When they click “That helped 👍” or “Wait for the team 💬”.

  • When they send a new reply after Resolution Bot’s answer. 

  • 3 minutes after they stop interacting with the bot.

Enabling the dedicated bot inbox also lets you exclude bot time from your SLAs and certain Inbox reports. Read on to find out more.

Even when Resolution Bot successfully closes a conversation, it will still be assigned to the right team or teammate’s closed conversation list.


By default the time Resolution Bot spends handling a conversation is included in your SLAs, but you can exclude this time from your SLAs with the bot inbox enabled. Just tick this box when enabling the bot inbox in Operator > Settings

Find out more about SLA rules here.

Inbox reports

In your Inbox reports, the ‘Time to close’ and ‘First response time’ metrics will include the time Resolution Bot and Custom Bots spend handling a conversation by default. You can see these metrics without bot interactions by enabling the dedicated bot inbox

With the bot inbox enabled, you’ll see a new filter on the following Inbox reports:

Toggling this filter will change the values in the report to include or exclude the time a conversation spends in the bot inbox.

Note: It’s only possible to exclude bot time from your reports for the period since you enabled the bot inbox.

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