Resolution Bot comes ready to answer common questions, but there are a couple of options you should configure to give your team and customers the best experience.

Choose an identity for your bots

Resolution Bot’s answers are served by Operator, which looks like this by default:

For a more personal touch, you can change Operator’s color, icon and name to suit your brand:

Read this article to find out how.

Enable the bot inbox

With the dedicated bot inbox enabled, conversations with Custom Bots or Resolution Bot will be handled in a separate inbox until the bot interaction is complete. This keeps your inbox tidy, and allows your team to focus on the conversations only they can handle. 

Find out more about how the bot inbox works here.

Automatically suggest relevant answers 

To get your answers in front of more people, let Resolution Bot automatically suggest content as customers type in the Messenger. They’ll find their own solution faster, and save your support team more time.

Learn how this works, and how to enable it here.

Configure different bot experiences for different customers

Resolution bot's behaviour can be targeted and scheduled so all your customers get the right experience at the right time.

From Operator > Resolution Bot > Behaviors click "New behavior":

Then define the following:

You can create as many different behaviors as you need to serve your customers.

Import your conversation history

If you’ve ever used Zendesk Chat, you can import your conversation history to Intercom and give Resolution Bot a head start. 👌Use these conversations to train Resolution Bot, so it can start providing answers immediately.

Once you’ve configured Resolution Bot

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