An Inbox seat is what a teammate needs to use the Inbox product. With a seat, you can:

When you add the Inbox product, you'll get two seats straight away. You should assign your seats to the teammates who manage your incoming conversations. 

Note: You can add as many additional seats as you need.

You can also add an unlimited number of teammates without seats to Intercom for free. They’ll be able to access your conversations, but without the capabilities that Inbox seats give you.

Assign a seat to a teammate

To assign a seat, go to Teammates, and click 'Edit' on a teammate's profile:

Then, switch the toggle for Inbox to 'On'. 

Note: If you’ve used your available seats, you can add more here too.

What can a teammate without a seat do?

If you don't have a seat, you can't access the Inbox product. Here's what you can do:

  • You can reply to conversations through Platform conversations.
  • You can add internal notes and mention your teammates.
  • You can be mentioned in conversations, and receive notifications when this happens.

And here's what you can’t do:

  • You can't assign, or be assigned conversations.
  • You can't tag conversation parts, create GitHub issues or create Salesforce tasks or leads
  • You can't use saved replies or send articles in conversations.

Replying to conversations without a seat

You can access your conversations under Platform > Conversations.

Then, click on a conversation to reply to a customer:

You can also leave a note for a teammate:

If you’re mentioned in a conversation you can receive a notification either in your browser or from the Intercom Conversations mobile app:

Removing a seat

When you edit a teammate to remove their Inbox seat, you’ll be asked who you want to assign their conversations to. You can assign their conversations to another teammate with an Inbox seat.

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