Every so often, you might need to search your past conversations to get context on an issue, monitor conversation trends around certain topics or find a user’s conversation history.

In Intercom Inbox, you can search by one or many keywords, and filter your results.

You can filter by:

  • Tag — See conversations with a specific tag, or tags applied.

  • User — Show only conversations with a certain user, or users. Allows filtering by a user’s name or email address.

  • Assignee — Find matching conversations in a specific teammate’s or team’s inbox.

  • Date — See conversations from today, yesterday, the last 30 days, or the last 90 days.

Note: If you filter for multiple users, you will see only group conversations where all of the users are participants. You won’t see conversations with individual users.

Searching for keywords in conversations

To search your conversations, click the search icon on the top left: 

Then, start typing your keywords and you’ll see the option to ‘Search for: keyword’. Click it or hit enter to search:  

Pro tip: Searching with an email address as your keyword, will automatically return conversations with any users matching that address. This is the same as filtering by user. 👍
If you're looking for conversations that contain that email address, put it in quotation marks like this: 

When searching for keywords or phrases, you can also use quotation marks to search for more than one word. For example:

  • If you search  for "invoice PDF" (with quotes) you’ll find conversations containing that exact phrase.

  • If you search for invoice PDF, (without quotes) you’ll see conversations that contain the words "invoice" and "PDF", both together and separately.

Note: Keyword searches are not case sensitive. For example, “pdf” and “PDF” will return the same results.

Your search results will appear in the order of most relevant conversations first. To view the oldest, or newest conversations first, use the dropdown on the left: 

Note: Keyword search is currently optimized for English. If you’d like to see better support for other languages, let us know in the Messenger.

Using filters in your searches

To find something more specific, like mentions of a topic within a certain date range, or all conversations with a specific tag, you can add filters to your search. For example, if you’re trying to gauge interest in a new reporting feature, you could search for all conversations with the keyword “Report” that also have the tag “Feature Requests”.

You can also search without any keywords, using only filters to find relevant conversations.
E.g.: “Tag: Beta feature, Date: Last 30 days”.

To add filters to your search, type any keywords you’d like to include, then select one of the filters in the dropdown, like ‘Tag’:

Note: You can also add keywords after choosing your filters.

Next, start typing the name of the tag you’d like to filter by, and select the right one:

This will return all conversations containing that keyword, with that tag applied. 

If you want to further refine your search, you can add more filters in the same way as above, or by typing the name of the filter followed by a colon, like “Date:”.

Then, select the value you’d like to filter by, and press ‘Enter’ to search.

Note: All filters are combined using “And” logic. Only conversations that match all of the filters and keywords will be returned. It’s not currently possible to filter your conversations with “Or” logic.

To remove a filter for a broader search, click the ‘x’ on the right of the filter, or hit backspace twice:

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