Resolution Bot, our bot that instantly resolves common questions, sends a reply in these scenarios:

  • Resolution Bot replies to new conversations initiated by users/leads. 

  • Resolution Bot can respond when a user or lead replies to an ongoing message.

  • Resolution Bot can follow up after a customer interacts with a Custom Bot.

  • Resolution Bot responds in the Messenger on the web and in mobile apps. It won't reply in conversations started by email.

  • Resolution Bot currently does not send replies in conversations started from articles in your Help Center — It may reply to conversations started from the home page of your Help Center.

  • If you’ve set audience filters on an answer, Resolution Bot will only send it to people who match those filters.

  • Resolution Bot won't answer questions during conversations - it only answers questions in a new conversation, before your team replies.

  • Resolution Bot currently supports seven languages, it may not reply in conversations started in unsupported languages.

Resolution Bot can also suggest relevant answers while your customers type, before they send a message. Find out how to enable this here.

Read more about Resolution Bot here.

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