To increase your team’s efficiency, you can auto-close conversations where customers stop interacting with Custom Bots for three minutes.

This will allow your team to better organize the Inbox, so they can focus on conversations that require their attention.

To do this, just go to Operator settings and choose ‘Auto-close abandoned bot conversations’:

Then, tick the box for situations where you'd like to auto-close conversations:

Now, if customers don’t reply to a Custom Bot conversation (or interact with a Custom Bot’s buttons) for three minutes, the conversation will automatically close.

For visitor and lead conversations, if an email or phone number is collected, then the conversation is left open. This allows your team to engage with prospects that have provided contact information but may have stopped engaging with the bot. 👌

Note: By default, conversations started by Custom Bots will appear in your 'Unassigned' inbox. By auto-closing them, they will automatically be moved to your closed conversations list, so your team can focus on conversations that require their attention.

What’s next? 

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