When you create an auto or manual email, an unsubscribe link is included for you. To remove this, click "Change" on the left when composing your message: 

Then select "Don't include an unsubscribe link" to remove the unsubscribe link:

Can I unsubscribe a user from receiving emails?

You can also opt out a particular user from receiving bulk emails by including an extra option in the intercomSettings snippet.

var intercomSettings = {  
   'app_id' : 'abc123',  
   'email' : 'john@example.com',  
   'created_at' : 1350467386,  
   'unsubscribed_from_emails' : true

It is also possible to unsubscribe/resubscribe users from receiving bulk emails. Just select the dropdown from the top right corner of their user profile and click 'Unsubscribe' However if you provide a value for unsubscribed_from_emails in intercomSettings for a user, it will override any manual action by you here, or by the user clicking unsubscribe links in their emails.

Can I still contact unsubscribed users?

Yes. Users that are unsubscribed will still receive:

How do I send a manual message to one person?

 You can do this in the following ways:

  • You can message a user from their profile page, by clicking the ‘Start a conversation’.
  • Another way is to select one user from the user list in Platform, and click ‘Start a conversation’:

Note: If you select multiple users, unsubscribed users won’t receive this message, as it’ll be counted as a group email. 

Manual in-app messages sent to one user are sent in real-time if the customer is online at the time you send it. If the user is not online, they’ll see your conversation the next time they’re online. 

You can view a conversation you started with one user in the user’s profile, your own profile, the manual message list or in your conversations list in the Inbox product.

Note: If you are sending a message to more than one person and the end user has not yet received the message (e.g. it is still "pending", and we are waiting for the user to come online to trigger the in-app, or waiting for a delivery window to open so we can send the email or push message), that pending message will not show on the user's profile. It will show there once the message has been sent.

Can I turn off Intercom's unsubscribe links?

Yes. You can disable unsubscribe links for your auto messages in your Message settings:

We will still enforce an unsubscribe link on manual messages with more than 100 recipients. If you have specific requirements, please get in touch with the team and we can discuss this further with you

Can a user unsubscribe from a particular campaign? 

If a user unsubscribes from a campaign email, they’re unsubscribing from all email messages, not just messages belonging to that campaign.

Important: You need to be careful when sending the unsubscribed_from_emails value in your user data object. Using both our intercomSettings JS snippet and the REST API value will overwrite the unsubscribed setting of your users. That means that if one of your users has unsubscribed from your emails you could potentially resubscribe them without their consent.

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