Using automation rules in the Inbox, you can connect with conversations from target accounts in real time. You can instantly assign conversations to the right account owner with:

Tip: Assigning owners to targeted accounts visiting your site that you have identified in Salesforce is also known as Accounts Based Marketing. Using this marketing approach you can ensure high-value accounts are being directed to their owner when they start conversations in the messenger. 

Assign accounts to the right owner

Assignment rules allow you to automatically assign inbound conversations to the right team or teammate, based on specific criteria. Using these rules, you can instantly assign a conversation with an account to the right owner. 

Note: Assignment rules don’t apply to replies to visitor auto messages, as they have separate assignment rules.

To assign an account’s conversations to the right owner, create a new assignment rule. Then, click ‘Add data’:

You can choose a specific account to apply the rule to. Or,  you can choose ‘Accounts has any value’ to apply the rule to all accounts you’ve set up. 

You can then assign incoming messages from these accounts to the right owner by choosing the ‘Owner’ attribute:

You can learn more about assignment rules here.

Prioritize conversations with key accounts

Priority rules help you to prioritize inbound conversations with key accounts. They help you:

  • Quickly identify and reply to conversations from target accounts.

  • Better organize your sales team’s conversations in the Inbox, so they can close deals faster. 

Standardize your response times with SLA rules

SLA (service level agreement) rules might be primarily associated with support teams, but they’re great for setting a target response time to target accounts. You can choose Account and Owner data as part of your criteria for setting SLAs. 

SLA rules will allow you to: 

  • Ensure your team prioritizes urgent conversations with target accounts.

  • Set time-based targets for your sales team to reply to high-value leads.

To set response targets for your team, use the ‘Account’ attribute when setting up an an SLA rule.

You can learn more about setting up SLA rules here.

What’s next? 

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