We deliver both ongoing and one-off emails as quickly as possible to your selected users. The time it takes to deliver your message is based on two major factors: 

  • The number of users you're messaging (the more targeted your messages are the quicker they’ll be delivered). 

  • And the state of our queues when you hit the send button.

Why do emails to smaller groups of users deliver faster? 

We batch message delivery into several logical units of work and each stage is processed on a queue. Messages sent to a smaller number of users get placed into higher priority queues. Therefore, the more targeted your messages are the faster they’ll get delivered. 

How quickly will new users receive emails?

In the first two hours after a new user is created in your Intercom account, Intercom will check for any emails they should receive every time we receive a ping request. (This should happen each time they load a page in your web app where you have Intercom installed).

After the first two hours, Intercom will check every hour for any emails that users should receive.

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