You can use round robin assignment to ensure conversations are evenly distributed to each teammate within a team inbox. Once applied, new conversations will be assigned to each available teammate in alphabetical order. 

Note: If you’d like to remove yourself from round robin assignment, just turn on away mode.

To apply round robin assignment to a specific inbox, go to ‘Settings’:

Then, click ‘Teams’

Here, choose the team inbox you’d like to apply round robin assignment to:

Then, choose the assignment method for new conversations in this inbox 

You can choose from two options:

Manual - conversations will not be automatically assigned. Teammates in this inbox will manually assign conversations to themselves or others.

Round Robin - evenly distributes conversations in sequential order to teammates in the inbox. 

Once you’ve selected round robin assignment, new conversations will be assigned evenly among teammates in that team inbox.

What’s next?

To better organize your inbound conversations, you can create assignment rules for different kinds of users and conversations.

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