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Team inboxes where round robin is enabled continuously assign new conversations to active teammates in a sequential order. It doesn’t account for the teammate’s assignment limit.

Tip: We recommend round robin for Sales teams to ensure new leads are distributed evenly across teammates. For Support teams, we recommend using balanced assignment.

To get started, go to Settings > General > Teams & roles and click on a team inbox name, then select “Round robin”:


  • Round robin doesn’t account for the teammates’ assignment limit. Only balanced assignment does.

  • Conversations only get assigned to a teammate once when they arrive in a team inbox. If the teammate is unassigned, round robin won’t run again to find another teammate.

  • Conversations assigned to a round robin team inbox while all teammates are away won’t automatically get assigned to teammates when they become active.

  • Conversations manually assigned to a team inbox (not via rules or bots) won’t automatically get assigned to active teammates.

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