Sometimes certain content is only suitable for a subset of the people who view your Help Center. With audience targeting, it’s easy to show customers relevant articles, while hiding content from others. 

Before you can use audience targeting, you need to do two things:

Important: your web app (where you have Intercom installed), and your Help Center must share a top level domain. E.g. If your domain is, your custom Help Center domain must be something like This allows Intercom to identify your logged-in users when they visit your Help Center.

After setting this up, you can enable audience targeting in your Help Center settings. Just add a link to the page where your customers log in to your product.

Does it work with the mobile SDKs?

Yes. You can keep articles private for users of your Android or iOS app, as long as you are using version 5.3.0 of our mobile SDKs or higher.

What's next?

Now that you’ve enabled audience targeting, choose which customers and visitors can view your articles.

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