To provide the best customer experience, it's crucial that you can resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently. To be effective, you need to use multiple tools and access a range of information. Now you can customize your inbox to bring everything together, in one place. With a tailored inbox, you can get the full context on a conversation, troubleshoot, sync data across external tools, trigger actions and get customer feedback - all without leaving the inbox.  

Get the full context

The Inbox product comes with built-in tools to give you the full context on your users’ issues, allowing you to handle conversations with confidence. Along with the familiar pre-installed information such as user and company profile, you can customize your inbox to include:

Recent page views - see which pages your user has visited before starting the conversation. Hover your mouse over a page to reveal the full URL.
Latest Conversations - Check the customer’s latest conversations to understand any recent issues they’ve had. 


Connect with your existing tools to get the details you need, and identify the root cause of your customer’s issue faster. 

Statuspage - Shows you the real-time status of your product so that you can rule out (or confirm) any product-wide issues fast.
Quick Links - Easily access your customers’ details in your admin tool, billing system, or anywhere else. Add the links you need in your Quick links app settings and add Quick links to your conversation details. 

Sync data across apps

Inbox apps are great for bringing your customer data into your inbox, and you can also update your customers' details directly in external tools.

Stripe - View your Stripe users’ data (like price plan, monthly balance and more).
Shopify - View customer data and order details from Shopify in your sidebar.
Trello - You can search your boards, add new cards and attach conversations and users to your cards in a few simple clicks. 

Trigger actions in external tools

Jira Cloud - Create new Jira issues, link conversations to existing issues and get live updates to status changes.
Stripe - You can add subscription upgrades directly into your conversation. Your customer confirms, and their plan automatically updates in Stripe.
Zendesk - Create new tickets with internal notes from your sidebar. View any other tickets associated with the customer email and the status of the ticket. 

Customer Feedback

Gathering useful, timely feedback from customers is invaluable to your business. It goes beyond closing the loop on a conversation and provides a rich source of information to help with every decision you make. 

Wootric - Send a Wootric survey in conversations and view your NPS score from your customers in your conversation details.
Userfeed - Capture customer feedback in conversations, and track each customer’s feedback in one place.
Typeform - Send forms in your conversations and capture customer feedback when it’s most relevant.


Now that your Inbox is customized to perfection
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