When chatting to a promising lead, having the right context at hand, and being able to take instant actions, are key to closing a deal. With a customizable inbox, you’ll instantly get the details you need to convert leads into customers faster.

And, it’s your inbox only - your customizations won’t affect your teammates’ inboxes, so you can truly tailor it to how you work.

To create the optimal inbox for making more sales, here are some apps you can add to get started:

Identify high quality leads faster

Getting the right data to qualify a lead takes time. With the MadKudu Lead Scoring app, you can automatically identify a lead’s quality as you chat. Their lead score indicates if they’re a good fit and gives signals why.

Convert leads in a single click 

With the Salesforce app, you can work seamlessly between Intercom and Salesforce. When chatting to new leads, you can add them to Salesforce in a single click:

If a lead is already in Salesforce, you can quickly check their Salesforce account details without needing to leave the conversation.

With the right context beside the conversation at all times, you’ll close deals faster.

If you regularly switch between tools while chatting to leads, you can add links to these tools and accelerate your workflow.

For example, if you use a billing system to convert customers, or prospect them using LinkedIn, you can easily add these links to your inbox.

Create and update subscriptions 

With subscription apps like Stripe and ChargeDesk, you can quickly manage your customers’ subscriptions as you chat. For example if you want to convert a trial user to a paid plan, you can easily create a Stripe subscription for them to approve: 

Or, if a customer has a billing query, you can check their active subscriptions during the conversation.

If they’d like to upgrade their subscription, you can easily invite them to update it by sharing it in the conversation. 

Qualify leads to ensure they’re a good fit

To understand if a lead is a good fit for your company, you need the right details. With the qualification profile, you can capture and update the details you need to qualify a lead.

Understand your new leads’ interests 

You can quickly understand what interests the leads you chat to, by checking the recent pages they visited on your site.

This gives you more context on why a lead or user started a conversation, and what information they’re interested in, so you can nurture them faster.


Now that your Inbox is all set for sales
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What’s next?

To see all the apps you can add to your inbox, visit the Intercom App Store and sort by ‘Works with Inbox’. 😄 

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