Intercom’s Inbox and Messages products work seamlessly together to help you generate more quality leads from your website, faster. You can send targeted messages to leads on your website, automate qualification with Operator, chat in real-time to accelerate sales, and more. 

What you get with our Acquire Customers solution

Here are just some of the things you get: 

Step 1: Install the Intercom Messenger  

The Intercom Messenger takes minutes to install. Just add this JavaScript snippet to every page you’d like your logged-out website visitors to reach you on.

Once installed, people will see the Messenger launcher in the lower right hand corner of their screen, where they can get in touch. 

Note: If you like, you can move the position of the Messenger on your site. 

Step 2: Customize the Intercom Messenger 

After installing the Messenger, you should customize it to match your brand. We strongly recommend choosing a colour that contrasts with the colours and background used on your app and website, so people can clearly see that they can get in touch with you.

You should also add apps to your Messenger home to better engage your visitors and leads.

Pro tip: If you like, you can also control which types of visitors can see the Messenger on your site. 

Step 3: Configure your sales inbox to work as a team 

With the Inbox product, you can manage and respond to leads at scale from a collaborative team inbox. There are a few things you should do to set your team up for success: 

Step 4: Configure Operator to automatically qualify leads 

You should set up our bot, Operator, to automatically qualify your leads, so you can spend more time focussing on having conversations with them. Just visit the 'Contact and qualify’ skill in your Operator settings, and choose the details your sales team needs to convert your leads into users. You can choose up to four details for Operator to collect.  

Step 5: Start targeted conversations with promising leads

Next, you should set up your first targeted visitor auto message to send to promising prospects who visit your website. Visitor auto messages are great for starting conversations with high quality visitors and for capturing emails. 

To help get you started, we’ve set you up with a simple welcome message that sends to people the first time they visit your website. You should go ahead and customize the copy, before setting it live. 

Note: Once your customers become signed-up users you can continue to send them targeted auto messages based on their attributes and behaviour.  

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