With the Intercom Inbox, your sales team can work together in a collaborative team inbox to manage and reply to leads at scale. Here’s how your team can work fast to avoid missing out on promising opportunities:

Automatically assign conversations 

You should set up assignment rules to auto assign conversations to your sales team based on who your customer is, the keywords they use, and the actions they take in your app. 

You can also enable 'round robin' on this inbox so that conversations are fairly distributed amongst available teammates. 

Set Operator to automatically qualify your leads 

You should configure our bot, Operator, to automatically qualify your leads, so you can spend more time focussing on having conversations with them. Just visit the ‘Contact and qualify' skill in your Operator settings, and choose the details your sales team needs to convert your leads into users. You can choose up to four pieces of data for Operator to collect. 

Shorten your response time with macros

If you find your sales team answering the same questions again and again, for example questions about your pricing plan, you should create macros to speed up your response time. These help you manage common queries at scale. 

Loop teammates into conversations 

If a lead asks a tough question you don’t know the answer to, you don’t need to waste time figuring it out yourself. Instead, add a note to the conversation and loop in a teammate to collaborate behind the scenes. 

Other ways to move faster in the inbox

To answer questions faster, you should also:

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