We've created this 'Getting started' guide to help you set up your Intercom experience, and then build on the basics. There are lots of ways to engage your customers in Intercom (but you don't need to cover them all right away to get started):

Messages for triggering automatic in-app, email and push messages
Product Tours for guiding your customers to success

We also cover automating actions with:
Task Bots

Note: Are you creating a new workspace? We have a guide for that too!
Take a look here.

1. Upload avatar (Total time: 2 minutes)

Uploading a happy, smiley avatar lets your users know that there's a real person at the other end of the Messenger. 

You'll need:
A happy, smiley photograph

2. Update notification preferences
(Total time: 2 minutes)
Get notified about the things that matter to you in the ways that suit you best.

You'll need:

3. Create user tags
(Total time: 5 + minutes)
Group users together by applying tags directly from the Platform. You can tag users based on behaviour, like if they've attended a webinar or by their role in a company.

You'll need:
A clear idea of what tags you need to create
People data in Intercom

1. Create a User Auto Message (Total time: 10 + minutes)

Automatically reach out to users with targeted email, push, and in-app messages. Then, track their behaviour with goals.

You'll need:
Your message copy
Defined target audience

2. Create a re-engagement campaign
(Total time: 20 + minutes)
Create an automatic re-engagement campaign made up of a series of targeted messages to follow-up with disengaged users and get them back in your product.

You'll need:
Defined target audience

3. Create Product Tours
(Total time: 10 + minutes)
Create interactive, multi-step tours to show users how to get around your product. Or, announce a new feature with a single-step pointer tour.

You'll need:
Product Tours
An idea of the tour you'd like to create
Tour copy and its' structure

Congratulations! Your Intercom workspace is set up and you're now ready to engage with your customers

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