With saved content you can easily create, manage, and insert content into the body of a new conversation. This allows you to quickly personalize, and send pre-written messages to your users and leads.

Create saved content

To create or manage saved content, go to the Intercom Platform or a user’s profile page, and click “Start a conversation” on the top right:

Then, click the “Saved content” icon at the bottom of the composer:

Next, click  ”Create”:

Note: To edit existing saved content, click “Manage”.

For example, If you introduce yourself personally to the accounts you own, you could add an introduction template as saved content.
To automatically fill in details about the user, company, or author attributes (your name, etc.), you can add variables to the message:

Send saved content

To insert saved content in a new message, click the “Saved content” icon, and select the content to add:

Then, you can edit the message to make it personal, before you send it.

Note: Saved content is only available with certain Intercom plans. See our plans and pricing here.

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