With Inbox, you can provide your users and visitors with support that’s simple, prompt and personal. Intercom offers a suite of features for your team to handle conversations like a traditional ticketing system, without losing the personal experience of the Messenger. You get the best of both worlds

Prioritize quickly, move fast

The team inbox is easy to scan, helping you see who and how many users and visitors are waiting for a reply. The conversation list shows you the last message from a customer, if they're typing currently, how long they've been waiting and if the conversation is marked as priority or has an SLA set.

Save time with macros

Responding to the same customer queries over and over again can be time consuming. Macros shorten your response time, while keeping your responses personalized.

Read more about macros in this article.

Customize your Inbox to work the way you do

By default, you'll see the standard conversation title, and details to the right of your inbox.

You can also add custom conversation attributes, or customize the Inbox with apps to show the exact information you need, and perform actions in external tools without needing to leave the conversation.

Build custom views of your conversations

Inbox views allow you to define a set of filters, including conversation attributes, and then show all conversations that match those filters in real time. It’s easy to switch between them and keep an eye on urgent issues, your direct reports, or whichever conversations you consider most important.

Move fast with keyboard shortcuts 

Keyboard shortcuts give you the option to perform common actions in the inbox without using your mouse. Just type "Shift+?" to get a full list of shortcuts. 

You can also quickly insert stickers and smileys into conversations to make your conversations even more engaging. Simply type : and the word. For example, if you want to add a waving sticker, just type :  and wave and the sticker will appear for you to select. 

Note: If you don't know the name of the sticker or emoji you want, you can always click on the smiley face icon to open the sticker menu. 

Automate your workflows with Inbox rules

Let Inbox rules handle the repetitive tasks, so your team can focus on what they do best.

Check out this article to learn more about setting up Inbox rules.

Support your users collaboratively

Some messages are too urgent to wait until tomorrow, or until your teammate returns from holidays. Everyone in your team is visible in the team inbox, so you can access any message for any teammate to ensure no question sits unanswered. 

You'll find all new conversations in 'Unassigned' (unless they're automatically assigned using rules). You can pick any conversation up there and assign it to a particular teammate

Search your conversations

Click the search icon on the top left to search and filter your conversations by keyword, tag, user, assignee, and date ranges. Locate relevant conversations instantly. For example, you can filter for a specific tag you’ve created to see all conversations about that topic:

Respond to users and visitors on the move

The Intercom for iOS and Intercom for Android mobile apps allows you to reply to visitors or users, add notes, assign conversations and view their profile pages. With mobile profile pages, it's easy to reply with high-quality, personalized responses from anywhere. Learn how to support your customers on the go here. 

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