With Intercom Inbox, you can provide your users and visitors with support that’s simple, prompt and personal. Rather than treating each query as a ticket number, Intercom treats each message as a conversation. 

Work fast and efficiently

Inbox is packed with features that help you write better replies, faster. Here’s how: 

Prioritize quickly, move fast

The team inbox is easy to scan, helping you see who and how many users and visitors are waiting for a reply. The message summary includes the user, their company, the number of messages in the thread, and how long since they contacted you so you quickly see who to reply to first. 

Perform bulk actions 

Support can get busy. Really busy. So the team inbox makes it easy to deal with multiple messages all at once. You can bulk assign messages to other members of your team, or simply close them.

Save time with saved replies

Responding to the same customer queries over and over again can be time consuming. Saved replies shorten your response time, while keeping your responses personalized. To send a saved reply, just select the saved reply icon from below the reply area. 

From here you can create a new saved reply or insert a saved reply you’ve already created.

Customize your Inbox to work the way you do

By default, you'll see the standard conversation details to the right of your inbox:

You can customize the Inbox with apps to show the exact information you need, and perform actions in external tools without needing to leave the conversation. 

Move fast with keyboard shortcuts 

Keyboard shortcuts give you the option to perform common actions in the inbox without using your mouse. Just type "Shift+?" to get a full list of shortcuts. 

You can also quickly insert stickers and smileys into conversations to make your conversations even more engaging. Simply type : and the word. For example, if you want to add a waving sticker, just type :  and wave and the sticker will appear for you to select. 

Note: If you don't know the name of the sticker or emoji you want, you can always click on the smiley face icon to open the sticker menu. 

Know each and every person

When you're communicating with a user or visitor, you can quickly scan their user profile to find out more about them. You’ll see key information like what plan they’re on, the segments they belong to, the actions they’ve taken in your app and more. 

Note: User profiles in your iOS or Android app let you know who you're talking to, even when you're away from your desktop.

Respond with context

The chat style conversation view makes it easy to see who said what, and places notes from your team in the flow of the conversation. 

Note: Your reply will auto-save as you type, so you're free to navigate away from your reply. 

Support your users collaboratively

Space for every teammate

Some messages are too urgent to wait until tomorrow, or until your teammate returns from holidays. Everyone in your team is visible in the team inbox, so you can access any message for any teammate to ensure no question sits unanswered. 

You'll find all new conversations in 'Unassigned' (unless they're automatically assigned using rules). You can pick any conversation up there and assign it to a particular teammate

Create teams

If you have multiple teams working in Intercom together, like Sales, Support or Marketing, you can set up teams. They'll have their own space in the inbox, and you’ll also be able to assign conversations to the team, rather than an individual teammate. 

Loop teammates into conversations  

Often a message needs to be seen by another member of your team. Maybe they're better placed to answer it, or maybe you need their opinion before replying. Either way, you can add a note and @mention any member on your team, and they'll be notified by email and directed to that conversation.

Live updates prevent collisions

Live updates in the inbox let you see when someone has assigned, closed, or is replying to a conversation. These are great for avoiding "collisions," like sending multiple replies to the same person.

Track bugs and feature requests

If you've got Inbox, you can track bugs and feature requests with tags. Adding tags helps you monitor, manage, and react to product feedback, complaints and feature requests. For example, you can tag feedback about your calendar feature as ‘Calendar feature feedback’ or messages about your latest bug as "A/B Testing Bug.”

Access any conversation at any time

Sometimes we close a conversation and then realize we want to keep it open in our inbox. That's why we've made it easy to view any open or closed conversation, no matter who it's currently assigned to.

It's also easy to see your app's entire conversation history. Just select 'All' in the inbox to see every open conversation.

You can also snooze conversations that are temporarily on hold, like if you're waiting for the customer to reply with more information.

Search your conversations

Click the search icon on the top left to search by keyword, tag, user, assignee, or date ranges and locate relevant conversations instantly. For example, you can search for a specific tag you’ve created to see all conversations about that topic. 

Then you can identify trends in what your customers are asking for, to help you improve your product. 

Never miss a customer contact or signup

Every teammate in your app can manage their notification settings, assignment and daily sign-up mailer under their individual settings. You can choose to be notified by email of all conversation activity or none. You can also set your preference for assigning conversations and whether or not you get the daily sign-up email.

Respond to users and visitors on the move

The Intercom for iOS and Intercom for Android mobile apps allows you to reply to visitors or users, add notes, assign conversations and view their profile pages. With mobile profile pages, it's easy to reply with high-quality, personalized responses from anywhere. Learn how to support your customers on the go here. 

Note: Set the notification preference for your Intercom iOS app to avoid missing important customer conversations, while on the move. Open Settings > Notification Center, then click the Intercom icon and set your preferences. 

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