Tagging conversations can be a valuable part of your workflow, allowing you to do things like:

  • Gauge the impact of bugs and issues.
  • Highlight common points of confusion.
  • Prioritise feature requests.
  • Find the top reasons your customers cancel.

But tagging conversations manually can be time consuming, and it's hard to ensure consistency.

To automatically, and consistently apply tags, you should use tag rules. 👍

Automatically tag conversations 

To access your tag rules, just select the Inbox icon from the left-hand navigation bar and click 'Automation' then, ‘Tag rules’: 

Note: Tag rules are only available with certain Intercom plans. See our plans and pricing here.

You can use these rules to tag conversations based on the content of the messages and/or any information about the lead, user or company that you track in Intercom. 

There are many different ways you can tag your conversations to offer a deep insight into the conversations your team are having:

  • Tag the different types of conversation — bug reports, feature requests, churn feedback.
  • Tag conversations about different versions of your product — Android app, iOS app, web app.
  • Tag conversations from different user segments — plans or account types, locations or languages.
  • And more.

As an example, let's create a tag rule to identify all conversations from our mobile apps. 👇 

How to create a tag rule

First, click "New rule":

Then, give your rule a name so it's easy to find, and clear which conversation it tags:

Now, add your filters. These are the criteria a conversation needs to match for the tag to be applied:

Tip: You can choose the type of logic used to match these filters. Select "Match any" for OR logic, or "Match all" for AND logic: 

When creating a rule you can use any tag, segment or attribute about a person or company, along with any information about the message, such as content, URL it came from or email address it was sent to. 

With the filters in place, just select the tag or tags you'd like to add to the conversation:

Pro tip: You can search for tags to find them faster. 😉 

Finally, save the tag and set it live: 

When are tags applied automatically?

Your tag rules will run on every message you receive from a visitor, user or lead.
This includes: 

  • Messages that start new conversations.
  • Replies to auto messages.
  • Replies in existing conversations.

A conversation can have more than one tag rule applied, if it matches more than one set of filters:

Note: If a tag has already been applied to the conversation, and a new reply matches the filters, it will not be applied again.

To see if a tag was applied manually or by a tag rule, just hover over the tag: 

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