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Measure the impact of Custom Bots
Measure the impact of Custom Bots
Understand how your customers are interacting with Custom Bots
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It’s easy to see the impact that Custom Bots have on your business with the Custom Bots report. This report shows you:

  • How many users and visitors engage with your Custom Bots

  • The busiest times for your Custom Bots

  • How many emails they have collected, leads created and disqualified, meetings booked, and more.

To access the report, go to Reports > Customer support > Custom Bots

Choose the date range you’d like to view, and filter by all bots or one specific bot:

You can also filter by Custom Bot triggers and take into account workflows running in the background.

Measure the engagement of your Custom Bots

The Engagement summary shows you how often your Custom Bots have been sent, engaged with, and completed. The counts for each day are shown in blue, and compared side-by-side with the counts from the previous time period:

Note: If you want to compare days of the week with one another, it’s important to set the report’s dates to be divisible by 7 days when using a custom data range (e.g. Sep 20 - Oct 3.) If you select a period that’s not divisible by 7, such as 12 days, the days of each week won’t line up with each other correctly.

What do these metrics mean?

  • Sent: The number of times your Custom Bots have been sent to visitors, leads or users. This includes both outbound and inbound custom bots.

  • Engaged: The number of Custom Bots where an end user clicked on at least one reply button after seeing the bot message.

  • Completed: The number of bots sent where the end user has reached the end of a bot path, or if a teammate joined the conversation.

See Conversations assigned from Custom Bots

The number of Custom Bot conversations that have been assigned to a team or teammate via the “Assign to” follow up action.

Track the busiest periods for your Custom Bots

Use this report to see the busiest time for your Custom Bots, down to the hour and day of the week. The darker colors show the busiest hours, and the lighter colors show the quietest hours.

Hover over a section of the report to view it’s timestamp and number of conversations:

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