Intercom has several keyboard shortcuts that let you perform common actions with speed. Just click Shift + ? inside the inbox to see the list of keyboard shortcuts. 

Here’s some of our favorite keyboard shortcuts we use at Intercom: 

Assign Conversations 

To quickly assign a conversation to a teammate or team, just press the letter ‘a’. 

Tag a User

To tag a user select the letter ‘t'. A selection of your tags will pop up for you to search through and select from. Depending on what tags you’ve added, you can tag your user as a Beta Tester or High Profile user, for example. This helps you group together similar customers so you can easily search for them in the future. 

Add a note 

Select the letter ‘n’ to add a note to any conversation. And when you’ve finished adding your note you can quickly switch back to your Reply by selecting the letter ‘r’. 

Format your replies for more readable messages 

Instead of sending blocks of texts to your customers, you can quickly format your replies and make them far easier to read. Here are the formatting options we use most at Intercom: 

Create a bulleted list

On the first line of your list (just before your first word) type * and add a space. Your first bullet point will appear. Click ‘Return’ on a Mac or ‘Enter’ on a PC to add your next bullet point. We often add a bulleted list to explain to customers how to use a feature or perform a specific action. 

Add a link

To add a link to a word or phrase, just select the text and click the link icon. We often add links to other content to our messages that further explain a concept to our users. 

Quickly insert stickers and smileys

To quickly add a smiley face or sticker you can simply type :  and the word instead of searching through the entire sticker collection. For example, if you want to add a waving sticker, just type :  and wave and the sticker will appear for you to select. 

Or if you want to add a smiley face you can type : and smile. A selection of smileys will appear for you to choose from.

If you don't know the name of the sticker or emoji you want, you can always click on the smiley face icon to open the sticker menu. Then just select whichever one you want.

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