Custom Bot path analysis gives you a deep understanding of how people flow through your Custom Bots and where they drop off. With this insight, it’s easy to improve your bot paths and get better engagement.

Analyze your Custom Bot paths

Open the Custom bot you’d like to explore, and click the “Path analysis” tab:

There you’ll see your first bot message, and the engagement that each of the following paths received:

Pro tip: When you update your Custom Bot the number of views on each path is reset, so it’s a good idea to take note (or a screenshot) of how the previous version was performing. This way you can easily see if your changes have had the desired effect. 

The time period included in the analysis is shown here:

You’ll also see the number of people who stopped viewing your bot at each point, or “drop-offs”:

Drop-offs are counted each time an individual views the path but goes no further, so may include the same people multiple times.

To continue down the bot path, and see further interactions, click “X more”:

Note: If you’d like to see the content of a Custom bot message, just click to expand it:

The expanded view will also show you the number of people who provided attributes you’re collecting

👆These counts also demonstrate exactly where people are dropping off. In this example, ‘Company name’ has been provided twice, but the rest of the attributes have only been provided once. This means one person who viewed this path dropped off after providing their company name, before providing any other information.

See how changes affect your bot's performance

As you optimize your Custom bot, you'll want to make sure your changes are having the desired effect. To see how the current bot compares to previous versions, choose an older version from the dropdown on the right:

From here, you can see any impact on engagement and completion at each step of the bot.

  • Older versions of your Custom bot are only available after October 2nd, 2019.

  • Any changes you save will create a new version of the bot. This includes changing the title, audience filters, etc.).

  • The stats at the top of the page show the total engagement since the bot was set live, and will not change as you switch versions:

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