What’s this template for? This is a step-by-step guide for creating a Custom Bot that proactively supports users during their initial set up. This example is based on an accounting or money management app, that supports importing data from another tool.

The goal of this Custom Bot is to help new users get through the complex process of importing data by presenting helpful tips at the right time and proactively offering access to self serve material. A similar approach would suit any app where users can import their data while they get started.

Target the right users

This bot assists with a specific process, so you should only present it to people who are likely to complete that process. The simplest way to target our import bot, is to show it in all new conversations started on the ‘Import’ page:

Tip: We’ve also excluded users who have already completed an import 👆

An alternative approach would be to track an event when someone encounters an error with an import, and proactively send them a custom bot at the time

Narrow down the possible options

Most apps that support imports from another tool, support more than one option, and imports from different sources will have their own unique problems. 

So, begin by clarifying which app your user would like to import from. This ensures you can provide detailed, accurate assistance. 

Tip: If you use the ‘event’ approach for targeting, you can skip this step by using a specific event for each type of import.

Offer proactive support

Once you know which import they’d like to do, your first step should be to ensure they know exactly how to do it. Send them a guide that covers the process with the Article Inserter App:

You should also tag the conversation based on which importer they use.

It’s crucial that there are no dead ends for users as they get to know your product, so follow up with two options:

  1. Thanks, it worked. — You can close the conversation. 👍

  2. I’m getting an error. — Presenting this as an option shows your users that there’s probably a solution, and makes them less likely to give up after an error.

Bringing data from one platform to another, often comes with a known list of “gotchas” 😬 

Document these in advance with their solutions, and send them over now. Again, leave no dead ends, if they’re still having trouble, ask them for the specifics of their issue, then assign the conversation to your support team.

Pro tip: If you use a CSV importer, ask them to upload the file directly into the conversation.

See this Custom Bot in action

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