What’s this template for? This is a step-by-step guide for creating a Custom Bot that qualifies applicants, prioritizes a call-back based on the answers they select and even automates common questions like hiring timelines and process. This example is based on a recruitment agency, targeting potential applicants for specific jobs. 

The goal of this Custom Bot is to identify if a candidate has the required skills and experience for the role, collect their résumé and connect them with a recruiter. Or if they’re not a good fit for a role, point them towards others that might be suitable.

Target your Custom Bot

There are two ways to approach a bot like this, one is with a set of general questions that could apply to many or all jobs. The alternative is to target the Custom Bot at a specific job, or all jobs in a specific category/industry. 

For this example we’ll use the broad approach but if you wanted to be more specific you could target the bot based on the current page URL, so it’s only shown in conversations started from specific job listings, or in specific categories:

Note: You can only add page targeting rules if you have chosen Web as your channel.

Gauge applicants’ interest

The first step in this bot, is to understand whether the person reaching out is interested in applying or not:

👇 Read on to follow each of these paths. 👆 

Yes, I am:

This path is all about pre-qualifying your applicants to ensure they’re a good fit for the job, so there are three questions to figure this out, which disqualify some along the way.

1. How many years experience do you have in the industry?

  • Less than a year — This job requires more experience, so you let them know and send them the Mailchimp Subscribe App so they can sign up for your newsletter.

  • 1-3 years — This is a good fit, so they proceed to the next question.

  • More than 3 years — This is a great fit, so they proceed to the next question, and the conversation is marked as priority.

2. What’s your highest level of education achieved?

  • High School — This job requires a college level education. You inform the candidate it’s not a good fit, and send them more suitable job listings with the Content Showcase App.

  • Bachelor’s degree

  • Master’s degree 

  • PhD

The three college level options here are all suitable for the role, so they proceed to the next step. In the case of a Master’s or PhD, the conversations are also marked as priority:

In all cases, the answer is saved as an attribute, so you can refer to it later:

Pro Tip: If you’re hiring for a role where less traditional levels of education are applicable, (like coding bootcamps), you can add an option for “Other” with an open reply for more information.

3. Do you have the right to work in the country where this job is based?

  • Yes, I have the right to work here. — Proceed immediately to the next step.

  • No I would need visa sponsorship. — This is where the saved attributes come in handy, perhaps you offer visa sponsorship, but only for those with a PhD. Using conditional follow up actions, you can assign the conversation to your foreign recruitment specialists:

No, it’s not for me:

Wish them luck on their job hunt, and encourage them to sign up for your newsletter with the Mailchimp Subscribe app.

Maybe, I have some questions first:

You can branch this path further, by offering options for common questions, and then providing the answers:

Or, you could direct them to search your Help Center, where common questions are covered:

In either case, you should also leave this open ended if the question is job specific, or not covered in your Help Center. Then close the conversation, and assign it to your support team. It will reopen if the user replies with a question:

Collect their contact details and résumé

At this point, you’ve narrowed your field of applicants to those who are probably the best fit for the job, while directing others to more suitable avenues or resources.

Now is the time to collect their contact details (this example asks for an email address, but you could collect their phone number too). Then, allow the customer to reply directly, and ask them to upload their résumé:

Set expectations for when to expect a response, and assign the conversation to your recruiters:

See this Custom Bot in action

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