The Help Center, powered by Articles, is designed and built to have strong SEO. 

Do I need a sitemap?

If you had a site map on your old help site, don’t worry: your Help Center is designed so that it doesn’t need one. Google can crawl your Help Center without a site map.

How can I ensure Google is indexing my Help Center?

All Google - or any search engine - needs is to encounter a link to any page in your Help Center. 

Most teams link to their Help Center from their marketing site. Google can index your whole Help Center starting with that link. 

While you can submit your URL to Google Search Console directly, you don’t need to. — Google regularly crawls the web to add new sites to its index. 

Note: You can also choose to disable search engine indexing and keep your articles private.

Does Articles support 301 redirects?

Not at the moment, but this is something we may support in the future. (Please let us know if this is something you need).

Support SEO with well-structured content

How else can I improve my Help Center's SEO?

Know the words your customers use to ask for help with your product, whether it's on Google or in your Help Center. With Articles, you can see what terms customers searched for most but didn’t find. Work those phrases into your:

  • Article title - Clear, action based titles work best like, ‘Collaborate together on projects.’ Once you publish your article, the collection it belongs to and the section it’s in will also appear in the URL.

  • Article description - This should set your customers’ expectations for what the article contains, and how it can help. Keep this short and to the point, like ‘Work with teammates to reach your deadline on time.’ 

  • Link text - Writing link text that says ‘click here’ or ‘find out more’ is a wasted opportunity. When linking to related articles, include keywords customers are likely to search for. 

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