Let Resolution Bot automatically suggest content and get your answers in front of more customers. As your customers type in the Messenger they’ll see suggested answers to choose from, so they can find their own solution faster, and save your support team more time.

Enable automatic content suggestions in the Messenger

To start automatically suggesting answers for users and visitors, go to your Messenger settings page, and open the ‘Control inbound conversation volume’ section:

Then, select ‘Visitors’ or ‘Users’ and switch on ‘Suggest relevant content as your customers type’:

Tip: To only suggest content to a certain subset of visitors or users, choose ‘Visitors/users who match certain data’, then ‘+ add display conditions’. For example, you might want to suggest content for users on your free plan, in which case you’d add a filter like this:

Now, when a user or visitor who matches your filters starts a new conversation in the Messenger, Resolution Bot will show matching answers based on the content of their message:

Note: If a customer clicks ‘Don’t show suggestions’, they won’t see suggestions while typing in any future conversations, but Resolution Bot will still suggest answers after they have sent their message.

How does it work?

If Resolution Bot detects at least two matching keywords in your customer’s message it will show relevant answer suggestions above the composer for your customer to choose from.

If the customer chooses an answer, they’ll enter the answer flow until the end where they can choose if it was helpful, or if they’d like to wait for the team: 

When are suggestions shown?

Automatic suggestions are not supported in apps using our Mobile SDKs, so they'll only be presented to customers in their web browser.

Suggestions are only presented at the beginning of a new conversation in the Messenger. 

A customer may also see suggestions for additional messages they send before engaging with any answers, or getting a response from a teammate.

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