If you use Resolution Bot to answer common questions, you can let it respond when customers reply to your Custom Bots and ongoing messages, and attempt to automatically resolve even more conversations.

After messages

Resolution Bot can follow up to any ongoing chat or post message, just click "Add follow up action" and select "Let Resolution Bot respond".

After Resolution Bot has provided an answer, the conversation will be assigned to the team or teammate selected under ‘Replies assigned to’: 

Note: If the conversation was successfully resolved, it will be assigned to this team or teammate, and closed.

After Custom Bots

At the end of your Custom Bot path, if you’d like Resolution Bot to follow up, just choose to end the bot with ‘Resolution Bot and follow up actions’:

Then, add an additional bot message prompting your customers to ask their question: 

After they ask their question, Resolution Bot will take over and attempt to resolve the conversation. 👍

If Resolution Bot provides an answer and you have the bot inbox enabled, your inbox assignment rules will apply after the bot interaction.

With the bot inbox disabled, your inbox assignment rules will apply before Resolution Bot sends an answer.

You should also add a follow up action for any conversations where Resolution Bot doesn’t have an answer, like assigning the conversation to your support team:

Important: The follow up actions will only apply in conversations where Resolution Bot doesn't enter the conversation.

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