• Be human. To keep your customers engaged, be light with your tone and personal with your approach. Address your users by their first name, speak like a friend and make sure you’ve uploaded a smiling avatar of yourself for added warmth. 
  • Keep it short. If you ask too many questions all at once, you’ll only annoy your customers. Instead, ask one or two snappy, easy-to-answer questions at most. 
  • Avoid bias. Be fair and impartial in your questioning. This ensures you don’t sway your customers to feel a certain way or to give a certain answer. Ask questions like, ‘What worked well?’ and ‘What could be better?’ rather than ‘Don’t you love our calendar feature?’ or ‘How cool is our export tool?’ 
  • Be relevant. If you’re sending a timely, targeted message (e.g. just after a user has clicked something) make sure the questioning reflects this. Ask something like, ‘This specific time why did you click on this X feature?’ or ‘Now that you’ve created your third report we’d love to know how your experience was.’

Here’s an example of the kind of personal message you should write: 

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