With report sharing, you can export and share the Conversations or Responsiveness report as a PDF, or get regular updates on how your team is performing. This makes it simple to monitor your team’s workload and KPIs.

Export and share reports as a PDF

To get a one-off shareable report, choose the filters that suit your needs, then click ‘Email PDF’:

You’ll receive an email shortly with the PDF version of your report, which you can save or share with others in your company.

Note: Report sharing is currently only available on the Conversations and Responsiveness reports.

Automatically send the report on a regular basis

To automate this process and receive the report at regular intervals, click ‘Schedule report’. You can choose how often, and to which of your teammates the report is sent:

Note: You must use a relative date range like ‘Past week’ as your filter:

Then, choose which of your Intercom teammates should receive the report:

Note: To send the report to someone not in this list, just invite them to Intercom first. 👌

Under ‘Frequency’, choose how often you’d like to receive the report. Daily, weekly or monthly:

Then, select the time and day you’d like to receive each report:

Finally, click ‘Schedule’:

And that’s it. You’re all set. 😎

At the scheduled time, you and all the recipients will receive an email with the report attached as a PDF, plus a quick link to it in Intercom:

Note: The recipients you select will be able to unsubscribe from the report at any time if they no longer want to receive it.

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