Inbox views allow you to define a set of filters, including conversation attributes, and then show all conversations that match those filters in real time. It’s easy to switch between them and keep an eye on urgent issues, your direct reports, or whichever conversations you consider most important.

How to create an Inbox view

From the Inbox, click ‘+ Create view’ in your sidebar:

Note: You must have ‘Manage views’ permissions to create new views.

Give your view a clear title, and choose an emoji icon:

Note: Other teammates in Intercom will be able to see this view, so the name should describe the purpose of the view clearly.

Now it’s time to add your filters. This is the list of criteria that a conversation must meet for it to appear in your view. Base your filters on any combination of conversation data from the following:

  • Teammate assigned

  • Team assigned

  • Conversation tag

  • SLA due in

  • Waiting for teammate reply

  • Conversation started

  • Conversation data attributes (Activity, Type & Urgency in this example)

For this example, we’ll create a view that shows all the conversations we deem “High priority” cases.

This view will show all conversations:

  • Assigned to the VIP support team.

  • Where ‘Urgency’ is high. — Urgency is a custom conversation data attribute.

  • Where the customer has been waiting for a teammate to reply for more than 60 minutes.

  • With an SLA due in less than 10 minutes.

Using ‘Or’ filters, we can show conversations that match a range of criteria, but don’t have to match all of them.

Tip: For more specific filters where a conversation must match multiple criteria, you can use ‘And’ filters instead.

Then save your view:

And you’ll see it in your list of Inboxes:

And that’s it. Now anytime you need an overview of these conversations, you can switch to this view to see them all in one place. 👍

Note: Inbox views do not reassign conversations. Any conversations shown in the view will still be in the inbox of the team or teammate assigned to them.

For a quick reminder of the filters used in an Inbox view, hover over it:

To edit it, click on the pencil icon:

Customize the views shown in your inbox

To add, remove, or reorder the views in your inbox sidebar, click ‘Edit’ on the left:

From here, you can:

  • Reorder your views and team inboxes — Drag and drop them into position with the handle icon.

  • Remove views or team inboxes — Click the ‘-’ icon. This won’t delete the view or team. Just hide it from your list.

  • Search for views or team inboxes — Search makes it easy to find the right view or inbox in a long list.

  • Add views or team inboxes — Click the ‘+’ icon to add a view or inbox to your list.

Pro tip: After you create a view, it can be used by anyone on your team. They’ll just need to search for, and add it to their list. 👌

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