As you support your customers, there may be times where they’ll have multiple active conversations with your team at once. This can lead to double handling of issues, and confusion for both the customer and your team, especially if the conversations are about a related topic.

Prevent these situations with the duplicate detection Task Bot, which highlights a customer’s other recent conversations when they start a new one.

How to enable duplicate detection

Turn on this Task Bot in Operator > Task Bots > For teammates under ‘Flag possible duplicate conversations’:

And that’s it. 👍

Now, whenever a customer starts a conversation, Operator will check for any other conversations from the same customer with activity in the last 10 hours.

What happens when a possible duplicate is detected?

If the customer has conversations with activity in the last 10 hours, Operator will leave a note in the latest one, listing up to 5 other conversations:

For each conversation, the note will include:

  • Conversation title, if it has been set.

  • Conversation ID, if no title has been set.

  • The currently assigned team and teammate.

  • When it was last updated.

To take a closer look at the duplicate conversations, click on the title, or ID (in blue):

This will open a preview where you can see the full conversation and take action directly:

You can:

  • Export the conversation.

  • Assign it to another team or teammate.

  • Mark it as priority.

  • Close/reopen it.

  • Send a reply to the customer.

  • Leave a note for a teammate.

All without leaving your own conversation with this customer. 👌

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